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Seller Benefits

We understand that building a successful business takes years of hard work and dedication. Our objective is to help business owners achieve their goals while ensuring the long-term success of the company by providing capital and a management team. We believe that this approach and structure will help to align the goals of buyer/seller, ensure a smooth transition, and carry the company’s legacy into the future.

Specifically, owners can expect the following benefits from working with MM Capital:



Prompt Transaction

MM Capital follows a quick and efficient transaction timeline.


Reputation is of extreme importance to us. We say what we mean and we mean what we say.

Legacy Preservation

We work with the seller to determine the legacy they want to leave and will strive to fulfill that wish.


MM Capital’s goal is sustained growth. We work and invest in people, customer relationships, and the business itself to ensure that the company thrives in the future.


MM Capital works with the seller to ensure stability for the company’s employees and to keep the successful attributes of the company.


Unlike many buyers, we have the ability to be flexible in deal terms and timing- from 100% ownership, to majority positions, to minority investments- MM Capital is receptive to all types of deals.

How MM Capital is Different

MM Capital Traditional Private Equity Strategic Acquirer Individual Investor
Goals Long-term sustainable growth and legacy preservation Maximizing returns through financial engineering Cost cutting & synergies Lifestyle Investor
Level of Commitment 100% Hands on Part of an investment portfolio One of many business units Various
Time Horizon Long-term Life of fund (3-6 years) Long-term, but legacy disappears as company is integrated into acquiror Various
Deal Terms Flexible Highly levered with terms driven by investors Could include share lockups Various