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Company Characteristics

MM Capital takes a disciplined approach when identifying and evaluating established small to middle-market companies in industries or markets poised to benefit from economic growth.

Attractive opportunities will meet a majority of the following criteria:

Large, Growing Market


$3 to $30 Million in Non-Cyclical Revenue


$750K to $3 Million in EBITDA / Cash Flow


Recurring Revenue Business Model



Ownership Situation

  • Owner is searching for a hard-working successor to carry on legacy

  • Wants to ensure the future welfare of business and employees

  • Seeking liquidity for retirement or other purposes

  • Please visit Seller Benefits for additional information

MM Capital is industry agnostic. We will consider any and all business models in various sectors that meet the majority of the criteria mentioned above.

MM Capital also makes minority investments as well as invests in turnarounds, bankruptcies, and start-ups.

MM Capital understands that building a successful business takes years of hard work and dedication. Our objective is to help business owners achieve their goals while ensuring the long-term success of the company by providing capital and a management team. We believe that this approach and structure will help to align the goals of buyer/seller, ensure a smooth transition, and carry the company’s legacy into the future. Contact us today.

We value input from lawyers, accounting firms, investment banks, and business brokers who help us source prospective transactions. In all cases, appropriate fees are available to those who introduce us to opportunities in which we invest.